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“I LOVE BALI DOGS®” is a trademark, registered with copyright in 2007, which originated as a sticker, printed in one thousand copies by Francesca Montoneri in October, 2006, in memory of Pakita, a sweet stray dog brutally assassinated in Jalan Diana Pura in Seminyak, where they tried to capture her to use her for RW (a local dish based on the brutal dog meat trade). The sticker, created as a protest against the barbaric way these street dogs are treated, started circulating on the island applied on cars, motorbikes and house doors. “I LOVE BALI DOGS®” hence becomes the most widespread and famous slogan to raise awareness in people, from the Western world as well as the locals, about Balinese dogs forced to live poorly in the street, often sick, undernourished, mistreated and violently killed. Right from the start the aim of I LOVE BALI DOGS® is to put them on the same level as purebred dogs with a pedigree, which enjoy more respect and have become a status symbol, even for the Balinese population.

I LOVE BALI DOGS® wants to improve life for the Balinese dogs, an ancient breed, so they become respected, protected and recognized as an authentic breed. We hope they become accepted in homes just like the Western dogs, however western dogs are usually imported illegally, cross bred and sold with at a fast growing diffusion which has become a real local business.

In 2007 I LOVE BALI DOGS® joined forces with other private local organizations who tirelessly fight for the cause of the street dogs. These people take the dogs in, nurse them back to health, sterilize, vaccinate and try to find homes for them. I LOVE BALI DOGS® is one of the vehicles to promote the efforts in favor of these private rescuers. Considering the success of the sticker, the slogan is now applied on bags, T-shirts, key rings and other gadgets too, all in order to help the Balinese dogs.

Francesca manages to export the I LOVE BALI DOGS® slogan, through her friend and partner Cori Nejedly, to Canada. As the administrator of I LOVE BALI DOGS® Cori looks after the distribution of the trademark on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website. Strenuous and sincere in her effort to save, take care of and dignify the Balinese street dogs, Cori has brought 14 Balinese dogs to Canada to date. As a result of Cori’s efforts thousands of people now know and support the campaign in favor of Balinese dogs.

Due to the spreading of rabies in 2009, which caused a massive and atrocious extermination of the local dogs, I LOVE BALI DOGS® while trying stop the epidemic, kept up its battle to preserve them. This was done supporting alternative campaigns like “Healing not killing”, launched by Yudistira Swarga, a non profit animal welfare organization, founded in 1998 by Doctor Listriani, committed to a mass sterilization and vaccination program of Bali dogs as well as an educational program at schools, universities and government levels.

I LOVE BALI DOGS® is currently maintaining the care, feeding, sterilization and vaccinations of nearly sixty Bali Street Dogs with little help from outside financial supporters. We mainly rely on the sales of our official I LOVE BALI DOGS® merchandise to fund our daily feeding and rescue missions. We also rely on the kindness of private rescuers and organizations, especially the kindness and generosity of Sunset Vet Bali , without their kindness we could not do what we need to do for the dogs in our care, a very special thank you to Dr. Budiana for being with us from the beginning.

Some of Our Dogs Article

September 26, 2022

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April 14, 2017

Lucky Dog

Old Molly was disposed like garbage and left to die on the road for over a week outside of his compound before he was found and rescued by Franci.A sad case of a neglected dog wobbling, suffering severe dehydration, malnutrition, scabies and with one cornea badly injured.


April 13, 2017

Doggy Days

Look at Doggy now!7 months after being fully treated and fixed from I Love Bali Dogs, the scared and sick Doggy (photo 2) turned into a happy, healthy and trusting dog. Not only is Doggy welcomed in his compound along with our other rescues Raya and Blacky but he is also not