Buy a I Love Bali Dogs souvenir and your proceeds will go towards one of three causes to help the Bali dogs


The bronze donations will go straight to provide the daily healthy foods supply for the homeless Bali dogs. It will help to obtain rice, dry foods, as well as vitamins to keep the dogs nourished. Enough daily food supply will prevent dogs from getting sick or starving out and likewise will help sick dogs to recover and back to their good condition. Adequate nutrition will support the dogs to survive and continue to live healthily.


The silver donations will go straight to provide injection for the homeless Bali dogs. The donations will help the dogs to receive necessary vaccinations to shield them from various diseases. Core vaccinations to maintain their health and non-core vaccinations that will be given when it required are two main injections generally needed by the dogs. The donations furthermore will help the sick or injured dogs to receive other medical treatments to survive.


The gold donations will go straight to provide transportation for the homeless Bali dogs. Adequate transportation is essential to rescue homeless dogs. It is needed to pick up the mistreated dogs and bring the dogs to the vet for medical treatment. Moreover, when emergency circumstances occur, sufficient transportation is extremely helpful to rescue the dogs. The donations will support us to obtain large caged semi motorbike vehicles which are ideal to transport the dogs.