The Lucky Dog

Molly. Old Molly was disposed like garbage and left to die on road for over week outside of his compound before he was found and rescued by Franci. A sad case of neglected dog wobbling, suffering severe dehydration, malnutrition, scabies and with one cornea badly injured.

After the first few days in critical condition under intense therapy are Sunset Vet, Molly decided not to give up. Showing that old Bali dog sentenced their death can make it and even able to enjoy comfort of pillow that first time in his life!

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  • Patrick says:

    Their mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs in Bali by reducing the population through sterilisation; to provide veterinary care to alleviate their suffering and to empower the Balinese people to care for and take pride in their heritage dogs. Led by Claudia Chicca, this organization provides daily feeding tours for the streetdogs, giving them medecines,sterilization program,finding an adoption family for the many pups and dogs left behind in the streets or at the beach. Giving the dogs a safe shelter at the lucky dog recue centre annex vetclinic.

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