Lucky Snow

Little Snowy is the only survivor from a litter of 5 pups. He was rescued by Franci in the middle of the road just in time. After having been at Sunset Vet for skin therapy and his first vaccines, Snowy was reunited with his sweet mumma Browny who will be fixed once she is finished breastfeeding Snowy. Both dogs are checked on and fed daily by Franci and kept safe in the Kerobokan compound where the family living there happily accepted them and will keep them safe inside because they have seen the success of our care and foster system in their neighbourhood.

Franci will continue to feed and look after the dogs health needs which she sponsors through I Love Bali Dogs and the family will keep the dogs inside to make sure of their safety. In the meantime, the family will learn about the care and the importance of their heritage breed which now more than ever needs to be preserved as it is an invaluable treasure!
I Love Bali Dogs wants to thank as always Sara Skjoldborg Chapple for once again making it possible with a new stock of dry dog food ❤️

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